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Morning Benefits of Waking Up Early Everyday

Early Morning
Early Morning Benefits

This is how I start my mornings 🙂

Our happiness levels in the morning depend on what we did or how we felt the previous night. Hence, it is very important to focus our energies on the right activities just before sleeping. For example, if you have had a good time with your family or friends or read an inspiring article just before sleeping, you will wake up happier and won’t be cranky the next morning. However, if your last few thoughts were negative just before sleeping, chances are you won’t start your morning well.

I wake up at 6 am five days of the week.

Things I do once I’m up in the morning:

1. First 20 minutes: Brush my teeth, have a glass of warm water and meditate for 5 minutes. I use visualization meditation technique where I switch on some good music on my phone, close my eyes, deep breathe and say affirmations. These YouTube channels have some of the best pieces of meditation music- Relax Daily, The Honest Guys and Greenred Productions

2. Next 30 minutes: Since by now it would be almost 10 hours since I ate something, I have a few dried fruits followed by ginger- lemongrass tea. I sip my chai sitting by the window and enjoying some quality me time

3. Last 10 minutes: I open my diary and check my to-do list, prioritize the tasks for the day and if time permits, watch a short inspirational video. Then, I start getting ready for work. I have my breakfast within one and a half hour of waking up

Habits we really need to give up soon!

1. Eat your dinner latest by 8 pm. Late night meals can cause digestion issues, interfere with sound sleep and are even responsible for weight gain

2. Scrolling through social media pages and checking your mails before sleeping or immediately after waking up. Check your mails, social media etc. only after 45 min to 1 hour after waking up. If you have a habit of checking your phone all the time including in the middle of your sleep, signs are that you are suffering from anxiety

3. Reading news early morning or just before sleeping the previous night. Nowadays, our papers and news apps are filled with negative news ranging from accidents to rapes, murders and suicides. Since we are trying to calm our own disturbed minds, I would suggest to read news later in the day. Else, we are setting a very negative tone to our day

Looking forward to knowing about your morning routines 🙂

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