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5 Easy steps to get your child eat properly at the table

5 Easy steps to get your child eat properly at the table
Get your child eat properly at the table

Can I really make my child eat properly at the table? What manners can I teach him? What should I do if my child misbehaves at the table? Are there some better ways of making my child learn?

You must have asked these questions to yourself if you have a child.

Children have a growing mind, and they can’t distinguish between what is right and what is wrong for them. So, if you wish to teach them something you need to be very creative!


Here are 5 steps to make your child behave pleasantly and eat properly at the table:


1.     Plan It Well:

If you want anything to get right, you need to plan things properly. Decide what would you like your child to learn and jot it down on a paper.

You can write points like:

  • I want my child not to drag the chair when he comes to eat
  • My child must come with clean hands and face
  • I don’t want my child to talk with the mouth full

You can decide as many points as you wish your child to learn.

Let’s read the next steps to see what to do after planning.


2.     Use Creativity:

While we adults can follow what we are told, it’s very hard for a child to do so. The best way to get things done is by making the child want to do it. Try to find creative ideas which will make your child want to do what you want him to learn.

For example:

If you wish your child should not talk while eating, you can offer your child his favorite pudding as a prize if he eats without speaking.


If you want him to eat healthily, you can do some food art which will make the food visually appealing to him.

3.     Be a role model:

Your growing child learns many things from you indirectly. If you really want your child to learn what you tell him, then show that you do what you say.

For example: If you wish your child to say ‘Thank you’ and ‘Please,’ you, yourself can start stressing it more while you are using it in front of him.


4.     Go Slowly:

Understand that your child is growing up and either way he will learn things gradually. Never try to impose more rules at a time. Work with one quality and make it his habit. Once it’s acquired by him, move on to the second one and so on.

Don’t forget to tick on the sheet which you prepared in step 1, once your child learns something.


5.     To make your child eat properly, celebrate his small wins:

The moments which you spend with your child will stay with him for long. If you see that your child is progressing, even little bit, offer him a treat or do more of what he likes to do and show that it’s because of what he is doing. You will be amazed to see him getting better at what you want him to do.



Children can be tough to handle when it comes to making them eat correctly at the table. They can quickly be tackled if we make them want to do something instead of just telling them.



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