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HAPPINESS…everyone’s search! But what is HAPPINESS?

Happiness is the feeling of pure bliss. It is ecstasy, a heavenly feeling, extreme joy and an ever smiling face. I feel these are the words that define happiness in the closest manner. Happiness is a very experiential feeling. One needs to experience happiness to know what it is. There are no set definitions for happiness.

When I am close to nature, walking on fresh green grass with the sight of dew drops, sailing, dancing in the rain, watching the stars on a dark night, watching the full moon, trekking in the mountains, walking by a clean beach, I am most happy.

As you may have noticed, I don’t need materialistic things to be happy. List of things that make me happy are natural and gifted to all of us. However, different people feel joy by getting different things. For some it is money, for others it is success and fame, still for some others, it is owning luxurious things. I called this joy and not happiness. The reason is, the best things in life are free of cost and endowed upon us. God created us and showered upon us this wonderful nature so that our natural state always remains happy. But as time went by and man started his own creations, he forgot about the natural gifts. He focused so much on his own creations that he started expecting happiness out of these creations. And this was the beginning of a materialistic world.

I have often come across this statement that happiness is a state of mind. But, what does this exactly mean? If we tell our mind that change your state and start feeling happy, will it?

Don’t we also have to feel happy to stay in that state of happiness? Sure, thoughts create feelings and feelings create our actions but how do I suddenly start feeling happy out of nowhere? The easiest way to do this is to switch to doing something that makes us happy. For example, when I am not in my happiest of spirits after a tiring day, I look out of my window and stare at the sky. This gives me a sense of relief. I breathe freely and this feeling of letting go makes me happy. I let go of all the tiredness, thoughts about the not so good day, and anxiety about the tasks for the next day and live in the moment.

This makes me ask you a question- when we truly live in the moment, don’t we feel happy? Yes, that’s another clue for what is happiness! Happiness is all about living in the moment, in the NOW. It is literally living and acknowledging every breath that we take. People who live in the past or the future merely exist.

It is often said that our energy levels are directly proportionate to our happiness levels. That means, the day we are low on energy, we will see a dip in our happiness levels. But, the day we are energetic and enthusiastic, our happiness levels rise. So, it is a good idea to stay fit to keep the energy levels climbing up!

Some people feel happy when things go as per their expectations. But some people get happiness out of thrill, out of uncertainty. There are some more people who get happiness by having a purpose in life and fulfilling that purpose with smiles even during painful times. Happiness is a mix of pleasure and sweet pain to attain a purpose. There is no gain without pain but this pain is the one that makes us happily work towards our purpose.

Let’s talk about the benefits of being happy. It not only makes us smile for no reason but also ensures longevity. Happy people are often healthier; tend to balance various aspects of their life well. They often enjoy healthy relationships, have stronger presence of mind and are more creative. One more important part about happy people is that they believe in giving. They find happiness in sharing and believe that a life with a purpose is a meaningful life.

Do happy people always feel happy, every second of the day? Of course not! We all have our lull times but happy people believe in the timeout strategy. If they feel some negative emotion, they are aware of how it is affecting their mental state. They give themselves sometime to feel that negative feeling but decide to snap out of it after that. This is the secret to their happiness!

Generally, people who are happy are happy because they have accepted themselves for what they are. They are at peace with themselves. They don’t believe in comparing themselves with others or the lives of others.

Happiness is something that we all living beings deserve. However, we fail to feel it often. We keep searching for it in various places, in various people and in various achievements. But we fail to realize that it lies within us. We have to look within to feel it. The way we can make ourselves happy, no one else can because we are solely responsible for our own feelings!

It is a decision we need to take for ourselves. Physical well-being, mental well-being and social well-being- These all can be in sync when we make a decision to make them happen.

It is everyone’s end goal. We do things that we do so with the intention to bring happiness in our lives. The mediums might be different but the end goal is the same for everyone. In the end, all that matters is happiness.

So, if we want happiness to be our natural state, what do we do? We need to feel satisfied with every aspect of our lives and continue feeling positive every single day. People who feel positive every single day, feel satisfied with themselves and have a future vision towards which they work upon daily move towards growth. And growing, evolving, advancing, progressing is happiness. When our positive feelings, positive thoughts and positive actions grow, we get positive results. This is happiness.

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